Select material by type?

I usually run into a problem in Material editor/browser with 3ds max which I feel un-matured by itself...

The material manager of 3ds max lack some of very important functions that I've no idea how to do manually.

Let's say, for example, I open a heavy scene and render a test image, soon notice something wrong with lighting. Check Lightlister/VrayLightlister I don't see it, so probably it was one of the VrayLightMtl in one amongst numerous objects (maybe it has setted too high value or over brightening at some point, etc... but the problem is the scene wasn't my own (created) one and very messed up and heavy on it own.

(for particular situation, when you need to change the scene lighting-setup/enviroment and render a new one you need adjust intensity of lights, you only do it with Light that listed inside Vraylightlister, not the light assigned in material such as VrayLightMtl (or another standand one with illumination), make it a tought job to manually detect and adjust them, especial with heavy scene where click to select is very unresposive, and selection floater doesn't help with material issue).

How am I supposed to find out quickly a list of all VrayLightMtl used in scene. Max material editor doesn't have a way to do it (only browsing a whole list of entire scene materials with like hundres ones). And problem with the given scene where you don't know what's the object that make error in lighting to select it exactly in order to use 'get material from selected object' function. Manually find out it isn't a nice way to do thing.

I mean it should have ability to list Material by type, example, when I check VrayLightMtl (or another type of material), it'll display only VrayLightMtl and hide the rest of materials. As the same way the "H" selection floater does the job with Geometry/Shape/Camera/Light/Group/etc... Or at least ability to filter my text in 'search input field', e.g, when I type "vrayLightMtl" it'll return all the typed material used in scene.

Is it possible? Or is it a already made script (I did try to search but didn't found out)... closest thing I come across Outliner, it seems have a separated button for material, I haven't tried because author doesn't mention about all of this but I should try now.


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Thanks for sharing the link :)

Kind regards

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Seems there's something like this

Yesterday, I spend some time to search again by some different keywords and found out that there's a commercial (payware) script... Is there any free solution for this task(doesn't need to be full featured like the commercial one mentioned above).

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