Updating script to work with new max.

Hello Everybody 

I am trying to get this script to work, I have a very small architectural project that involves animation of construction site. Animating it by hand is bit tedious as construction timing gets updated quite regularly. I stumbled upon this script on the internet though I think it was written long time ago and it does not work properly with my 2017 max, it shows errors when i try to import something with it:


-- MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
-- Runtime error: No method found which matched argument list
-- MAXScript callstack:
-- thread data: threadID:17012
-- ------------------------------------------------------
-- [stack level: 0]
-- In dnet_OAD_toString(); filename: E:\Bartosz Files\3D\Scripts and Plugins\3DSMax-master\scripts\CGsoldier\CGS-SceneTools\VPD Construction Sim_v1.ms; position: 4719; line: 101
-- member of: anonymous codeblock


Any ideas how can I port this to new max?




vpd_construction_sim_v1.ms24.95 KB