zapplink for max ?

hi every one
i just watched a presentation for francois levesque from ubisoft
and there he showed a nifty script that copy's the functionality of zapplink
to 3dsmax , he called it maxapplink if im not mistaken .
i tried to write a script like that but im afraid its way out of my league .
as i understood it , the script creates a camera from the view port ,creates a spotlight that is aligned to the camera , renders a frame of flat texture with no lighting information , opens it in photoshop for editing ,and when the file is saved in photoshop - in max the camera projects the the new texture on to the model , composites the new fixed texture onto the original texture using a falloff map with light and shadow blending mode--shadow = original texture
light = new texture and then saves it i think as a new texture and assigns
it to the material of the object .

this is really good not only to texture characters but allso very powerfull
for projection on environments or vfx shots.

is there any chance any of you brilliant scripters would be interested in making a script like that and sharing it ???? it would be amazing !!!