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I do like the new look for the most part but the navigation just isn't the same.  Also why is the SEARCH box so big??

I have a hard time finding scripts and even looking for new scripts.  There is the option for latest scripts but it's random.  Some are from 2007 & 2006 on the same page.  Shouldn't it be like 2007 then 2006 and so forth?

I also really miss the 3dsmax version numbers, where did that go.  What's this sketchup program...



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Nice to have a new version

Nice to have a new version but I miss the old version of scriptspot, it was easyer to use than this one, It just seam to be unfinish yet. The css style sheet dont seam to work well.

My sugestion:

- Please reduce the search box.

- Why all the categories are a real mess? Put it in a colunm.

- Always add the Max version for each scritp.

- Reduce the rate box, instade put the max version that big.

- Reduce the font size in general.

Keep it up man, just need a bit of polishment!!! 

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“No good deed goes

“No good deed goes unpunished”

I'd agree with “” on all accounts
and add the following:

  1. Can you balance out the white text
    on black, it's hard to read. In stead of #fff, try #bbb. But really
    it would look better if the background was not a true black, more of
    a #222

  2. Your hands are probably tied by
    the development package your using, like Joomla, Mambo... due to
    there architecture. Firefox did the same thing with there extension
    page update. You have to drill down to read more, get ratings and
    download. It would be nice just to scroll down your search page and
    see it all there. In the long run it's much less work for the sever.
    The down side is you don't get the opportunity to refresh the

  3. This is more directed to the
    script developers; Please include screen shoots.

  4. Or give us the users the ability
    to update, like wiki or imdb.

I know you worked hard on this but I
would say the only things wrong with v1.0 was no forum and #2.

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"No deed goes

"No deed goes unpunished"

Haha. So true! :-)

Clearly we're going through some significant growing pains here and I appreciate the suggestions you've given.  

#1 - yes, I can work on the theme some but its just a matter of time (or lack thereof) considering the laundry list of other more pressing problems

#2 - yeah, I'm not happy at all with the search results listing. I'm probably going to end up doing some custom development to fix that but unfortunately that goes back to needing time (but it will get done).

#3 - screenshots. yes. yes. yes. 

#4 - user updates. hmm. I'm not a fan of the wiki model as it requires very high traffic to clean up the virtual graffiti. If someone changed a script that wasn't popular it could be months before someone else came along and fixed it. Just seems like the wrong system for this. However, that is why the comment system allows for file attachments. If you see something wrong with a script and / or need to make a change, do it in the comments.


I think you're remembering the old site in a better light than it deserved. lol. FYI, this site is not the end of ScriptSpot. It is really version 1.0 of an entirely new ScriptSpot. Its a ScriptSpot - community - as opposed to ScriptSpot the file download place. The mere fact that I can communicate with you (albeit over site problems) is a testament to the fact that the site is in fact moving forward. Three steps forward two back maybe, but it is progress. Long term I do believe we'll look back at the transition as painful but necessary. I've kept this going for 6 years and I feel like I'm just now getting started! :-)

By the way, the new site is themable. If you want to take style.css and rip out the formatting you don't like and make a totally different UI with that - not a problem. I'll add it as an option for users to choose. 


Christopher Grant

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Chris, I posted this


I posted this question on the "Drupal" forum:

"I don't use Drupal as a site developer, I'm a subscriber to a site that uses Drupal.

The site owner said as a registered user with his site I can change
his theme. I don't see any controls in my account to do this.

So as an End user not an admin how do I personalize my user account CSS ?"


Visit 'my account' then click the edit tab. If the administrator has
enabled more than one theme you should see a selection of themes that
you can chose from. As the end user, generally you can not change the
css though.


So instead of me redoing the css would you invoke the theme option? My eyes can't take the hi contrast BLACK ON WHITE.



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I'm actually out of town

I'm actually out of town right now but refining the dark UI and creating an alternate light UI will be at the top of my priority list when I get back! Once an alternate is created it will be as simple as choosing it in your user account.

Thanks for your patience,

Christopher Grant

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Hi Chris,   wow, some big

Hi Chris,


wow, some big changes around here! I still need to look around properly so i will save you comments for now, just keep up the good work.



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Hi. I like the big search


  • I like the big search box. very unique.
  • Please dont make the text size any smaller.
  • White on black is a little rough on the eyes.
  • Theese forums are great
  • I am still getting used to searching for scripts in the new manor.

Nice change in all


Stephen Møller
Max User since 1997
Ultimate player since 2001> Copenhagen - Denmark

Stephen Meldal Foged
Max User since 1997
Ultimate player since 2001 />
Copenhagen - Denmark

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