Keyboard Shortcut Chart - For 3DS Max, Photoshop, Whatever you want.

I put together this Keyboard shortcuts chart to make it easier to assign new keyboard shortcuts, find old ones, etc. It may seem a bit redundant, time-consuming and maybe not even worth it but I've actually been finding it very useful! I use it all the time now. Helps me see where I can add shortcuts, re-organize, etc.

Check it out in the link below. You should be able to "make a copy" of the document (by going to file/"make a copy") and assign your own shortcuts. It's a bit of work in the beginning but is really useful afterwards.

I'm also including my shortcuts kbdx file (if you wanted to use my keyboard shortcuts - though many of the shortcuts are assigned to scripts).

It would really be awesome if there was a script that did this automatically! Maybe sometime in the future.

Link to google slide (make a copy of the document and edit it):

Anyway, let me know if you have any trouble viewing or copying the document! Maybe it will be useful to someone out there.