ScriptSpot needs a few good volunteers [3ds max]!

9 votes

I'm looking for some volunteers to help foster the ScriptSpot community in a few key areas:

ScriptSpot needs a few good volunteers [SketchUp]!

22 votes

I'm looking for some volunteers to help foster the ScriptSpot community in a few key areas:

"RE-launch" Raffle #3 - Win PolyBoost for 3ds max!

12 votes

This week we have FOUR licenses of Polyboost up for grabs! For those who might be new to the raffle, ScriptSpot is celebrating its "RE-launch" as an all new community scripting site with some great prizes for the community!

Congratulations! Our Winners Are:

zeronove, PetrZ, cliffbrannon, and Georg Duemlein


RPS FF&E and Bill of Materials

33 votes

RPS FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) is an Application Development Kit, developed by Render Plus to let you create your own applications for placement and reporting of attributes.

Yo create an FF&E application, you:

Save As Template

31 votes

Opens the Save dialog to simplify saving the current model in the Templates directory.

Probably won't work on a Mac as I don't have access to one to test it.

Obj Importer

35 votes

This script imports .obj files directly into SketchUp. It works well on some files, fails on others. The Pro version can already do this.

Export CI ID

33 votes

Exports a SketchUp model's Group and Component hierarchy. Click for screenshots.





29 votes

The REZN8 Productions MAXScript / COM Bridge. This script and executable allows you to run scripts externally.

Install for Crimson Editor
0. Modify the entry in maxscript6.reg and or maxscript7.reg to point to the
directory where your 3dsmax.exe resides.
1. Place '' into your folder.

FF&E is ready for testing

30 votes

FF&E (Furniture Fixtures and Equipment) is not for everyone.

It is an Applications development Kit which lets you create SketchUp component placement and reporting applications for yourself, your company, your clients or your distributors.

"RE-launch" Raffle #2 - Win Podium - a photorealistic renderer for SketchUp!

27 votes

Thanks to the generosity of Cadalog, Inc. there are 2 copies of Podium for SketchUp up for grabs during this raffle! For those of you new to the site, ScriptSpot is celebrating the "RE-launch" of the 3ds max section and the creation of a new SketchUp section by offering weekly product raffles! Prizes will alternate weekly between 3ds max user oriented and SketchUp user oriented with a grand finale that everyone will want!

Our Winners Are:

graham calhoun and tjfdesign. Congratulations!

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