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dotNet listview and checkboxes

This is a snippet of code where I want to control the checkboxes by multiple selections in the listview itself and hitting the checkbox (whether it is checked or not) to select / de-select them accordingly, trouble is when I do this it doesn't do them in one but for each item.

Basically, if I shift and select the items and check off the box the value counts down in real-time for the countLabelVal text.

Is there a dotNet way of doing this?

on lv ItemChecked do part of the code below is the trouble maker.

Vray caustics

Looking for a way to turn Vray caustics on and off with maxscript.

thank you in advance


Where can i find my "favorite" scripts?

Relax Tool Dialog Amount parameter

Hi there,
is there anyone who can tell me what's wrong with this code?

actionMan.executeAction 2077580866 "40136" -- Unwrap UVW: Relax Dialog
$.modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].setRelaxAmount 1.0

I would like to create a button that opens the relax dialog with the parameter set to "1,0" while I'm working with the unwrap editor ...
The listener returns me OK but nothing happens in the dialog ...
except the second time I run the script after manually closing the relax tool dialog ...
very usefull if someone tells me how to close the dialog via script ...

Thanks to anyone who can help ..

Select object by user defined properties

How to select object by user defined properties?
name = mybox

select $mybox

Names into array to update multilistbox

I'm trying to evaluate if some materials have some options on or off, until there the script works and it prints the name of the materials that im evaluating, "print m.name". But I need to update a list box with that m.name to show the result in a rollout, could not find any solution to that, the solutions i found its using "collect" and works before getting the names from the meditmaterials, but i already have them, so how i can add it to the listbox item:#()

Thanks in Advanced for your help.


Object Plugin Maxscript Slice

I am trying to write a object plugin. Is there a way how you could slice a picked object in a Maxscript Create Object plugin. It seems I can't use " .slice' function at all. I wrote already a own slice function but the performance is not that good as the slice function from 3DS Max.
Is there anyway how I could use modifiers in a create object plugin (Simple Object)
Thx anyway

How to rotate cat bone pivot only?

After export my CAT character to unreal engine 4 with shared bone settings, when playing animation my character will get missed up, for bones of target skeleton bone has different pivot rotation than my CAT character(see attachment). after further inspection, I realized the pivot rotation of nearly every single bone is mismatched.

The problem is, I can't simply rotate the pivot of CAT bone, the bone will rotate with the pivot. I'd like to know if there is a way to change the CAT bone pivot via max script, please help me.

Cycle through objects in loop

I can not figure this out by myself. banging my head for 2 days now.
Basically it is a path follow with boxes as path. I hope I can explain correct.
I want object called mover to go over this path.
If box_001 is selected the object mover is on the same place as box_001
On press but_up pressed
box_002 gets selected and the mover.position = box_001 then mover.position = box_002 and adding key to time line + 5
and so on..

I am not sure how to achieve this cycle in objects.(From box_001 to box_120 )
I tried braking up the name extension and replace the last 3 digits

Maxscript acces to Wall

Hello to all. Recently i have been doing a script that needs to get acces to the AEC wall object. I need to get acces to the 'pick spline' option in keyboard entry option from the modify panel to assign a previously created spline , but i have no idea on how to get it cause it doesn't seem to have a straightforward way to get into it. I can use the 'startObjectCreation Wall' to start creting the wall, but after that, i don't know where find a method to attach the spline right into it.

Any ideas about that one?..

Thanks in advance!!!

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