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hi I need help for this script. create the initial and final keys in each spinner through the slider.

slider sld1 "+ - -" range:[-90, 90, 0] spinner tStart "Start Frame: " range:[0,100000,animationRange.start] type:#integer

spinner tEnd "End Frame: " range:[0, 100000,animationRange.end] type:#integer

on sld1 changed val do

with animate on
at time tStart $.pos.controller.x_position = val

at time tEnd $.pos.controller.x_position = val )

Help with Resizing rollout based on Subrollout "rolledUp"

Hello Guys, im working on a personal project Im trying to create a rollout with some subrollouts the idea is to resize the mainrollout based on the "RolledUp" state of the subrullouts and move the available buttons, but i ran into some issues:

error "unknown property: ''filename'' is undefined!"

I have a script that converts PhisicalMaterial to MSFS2020 FlightSim material. But it gives me error "unknown property: "filename" is undefined!" in this part:

on PM pressed do
if (queryBox "Convert all Physical Materials to FlightSim Material ?\nNot undoable !" title:"Materials convertion" beep:false) then
for mat in (getClassInstances PhysicalMaterial) do --pour tous les matos
new_FSmat = FlightSim()
new_FSmat.basecolorTex = mat.mapM1.filename
if mat.bumpmap != undefined then new_FSmat.NormalTex = mat.bumpmap.normal_map.filename

Select last create object


How can I select last create object, For example i copy new object. Or I create object from detach.
Thanks in advance

State Sets Compositor

I record a lot of scene states for layered rendering.
How to open the compositor window through a max script and specify the path of the PSD and run the render in the PSD?

dotNet listview and checkboxes

This is a snippet of code where I want to control the checkboxes by multiple selections in the listview itself and hitting the checkbox (whether it is checked or not) to select / de-select them accordingly, trouble is when I do this it doesn't do them in one but for each item.

Basically, if I shift and select the items and check off the box the value counts down in real-time for the countLabelVal text.

Is there a dotNet way of doing this?

on lv ItemChecked do part of the code below is the trouble maker.

Vray caustics

Looking for a way to turn Vray caustics on and off with maxscript.

thank you in advance


Where can i find my "favorite" scripts?

Relax Tool Dialog Amount parameter

Hi there,
is there anyone who can tell me what's wrong with this code?

actionMan.executeAction 2077580866 "40136" -- Unwrap UVW: Relax Dialog
$.modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].setRelaxAmount 1.0

I would like to create a button that opens the relax dialog with the parameter set to "1,0" while I'm working with the unwrap editor ...
The listener returns me OK but nothing happens in the dialog ...
except the second time I run the script after manually closing the relax tool dialog ...
very usefull if someone tells me how to close the dialog via script ...

Thanks to anyone who can help ..

Select object by user defined properties

How to select object by user defined properties?
name = mybox

select $mybox

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