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May has come and is nearly gone but is a special month for ScriptSpot - this is the 9th year since ScriptSpot was created. 9 years... Wow. So - what does this mean? Not much this year but I do think next year should be big! I'm thinking everything from competitions to giveaways to a major site refresh. If you've got some ideas or just would like to help out over the coming year shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Christopher Grant


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oh....9 year i no. I like

oh....9 year i no.

I like Scriptspot.

Happy Birthday thank you Script last 9 year.

I like Scriptspot.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Congratulations and Thanks

Congratulations and Thanks again.

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some suggestions: 1.) on

some suggestions:

1.) on site maxscript inspection of all the submitted non encrypted code using something like mozillas bespin:

2.) maxscript wiki and integration of tags throughout the site that refer to the wiki. Its kind of bothersome to look up each time the offline maxscript help in the Internet Explorer engine when it would be easier and more efficient to look up things online and in context of code or bbs here.

3.) per member personal top 10 max scripts that he/ she uses. So others can better dive into other ones personal favorites and by that get to know other great scripts.

4.) A maxscript snippet collection or databse for common stuff like color conversion, matrix stuff, search / sort stuff and many other common things that are already solved in a elegant and easy to understand way by others

5.) encouraging members more to actually upload their scripts here and not just link to their website to promote it there. To often domains are gone while the scripts might still be appealing to developers or users - but they cant download them anymore.

6.) some kind of icon if the script is encrypted or not. Sometimes I rather search for scripts to learn from but then I discover that I can not look at the source code.
Or for example sometimes a script needs to be adjusted to work in a newer or perhaps older release- with closed source I cant do that. So a warn or inform sign would help here a lot.

thats it from me,- great site and best luck also in future

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Thank you for great service

Thank you for great service over those years. Long life for scriptspot!

Royal Ghost | veda3d.com

Royal Ghost | veda3d.com

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happy birthday . thank you

happy birthday . thank you verymuch

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ScriptSpot!
Congrats Chris, and thanks for all the hard work.

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Scriptspot is THE best resource for any maxscripter! Keep doing this awesome work!!!

Best of luck for all the Scriptspot team and for all the people who contributes to this amazing space.

 Luiz Amaral

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Congratulations! I dont see

I dont see any ideas posted so there is main:
Now we can give vote for scripts only by Plus and may not bad idea to have a freedom to give and Minus. Also some mandatory comment then we give our vote will be nice :)

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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Cheers and thanks for such a

Cheers and thanks for such a useful/wonderful resource for the max community!

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