Announcing the ScriptSpot "RE-launch"

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The day is finally here! I am proud to announce an entirely new ScriptSpot is here! Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the new site has been built specifically to address the needs of the community for years to come.

Check out these new features:

  • User based content submission (scripts, extensions, tutorials, news). No more waiting for your script, plugin, tutorial to go live. All of you have the ability to get your content live, any time, 24/7/365.
  • User blogging that pulls together your blog with all your submitted content. Example - my blog allows me to blog any new announcements or news about myself / my submissions while making it easy for users to see what content I've submitted and what content has been marked as my "favorite". The idea was to create a way for users to have their own blog and storage for their relevent content and present it to people in a very readable way.
  • Additional application support - initial site rollout adds SketchUp, future additions of XSI, Maya, Lightwave, Rhino, Cinema4D, etc based on demand.
  • Favorites allow users to mark any content as their "favorite" then allowing the community to see what scripts particular people find to be useful. Favorites are implemented on the individual user blog page.
  • Email subscription allows users to subscribe to virtually all content, be it a script, plugin, blog and be notified via email when it is updated or commented on.
  • Full comment system and content ranking. Like a script or plugin? Give it a thumbs up by clicking the "plus" sign on the voting widget. Want to leave some constructive feedback, use the comment system to contribute your thoughts!
  • Forum - really, its about time!

Some interesting stats over the last 5 years or so:
  • ScriptSpot has been running strong since May of 2000
  • More than 2 MILLION visitors since the site launched.
  • The top 5 scripts have been downloaded nearly 250,000 times collectively.
  • #1 in google results in relevent queries such as "3ds max script" (1.65 mil results) or "max script" (27 mil results)

This is a very exciting time for ScriptSpot. There is a ton of stuff planned for the future, including some great prizes which we'll be giving away shortly!

In the meantime, get one of the new t-shirts at the cafepress store

I'd like to mention the new site architecture / development was implemented by Brenda Boggs - the site couldn't have been done without her. Thanks!


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chill3d's picture

Looks good mate, The only

Looks good mate, The only crit I have about scriptspot is that you dont organise scripts by Max version number. Just something I always thought would have been useful

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this is just WOoW

WOow !! i just love this New Look :) keep up the good work .

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