HP xw4400 DCC Workstation Raffle

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Want to win a great 3d workstation? How about an HP xw4400 Workstation and 20" LCD?!?! That got your attention now didn't it! So, make sure to actually click the link above and check out HP workstations, maybe recommend them for your boss next time its time for a hardware upgrade or buy one yourself. I personally have an HP nx9420 laptop (seriously, I've had it for a year, long before this contest) - its a 17" business notebook that has been my favorite laptop ever. Excellent battery life, great performance, I'll definitely be buying HP again! So check em out if you haven't already!


HP workstations deliver the performance you need to unleash your creativity...but it's more than just an amazing box. HP brings you a SOLUTION. That means engineering ingenuity that allows you to personalize that performance for your your specific workflow. That means quiet cooling innovations and toolless access for more-than-easy upgrades. That means full graphics and application certifications. Yes, it's more than a box... It's power, and it's peace of mind.

Visit the HP Solutions for Digital Content Creation page for more information on high performance HP Workstations like the xw4400!



Congratulations John Zwicker!

The Winner of this ScriptSpot "RE-launch" raffle for an HP xw4400 Workstation and 20" LCD is John Zwicker of Southern California. Congratulations John!

Thanks everyone for participating and make sure to check out HP DCC Workstations like the xw4400 next time its time for an upgrade!



Raffle Requirements / Rules / Legal Info:

  • The contest winner must be a resident of the USA, age 18 or over.
  • One entry per person, per raffle. If you are found to be cheating or creating duplicate accounts to game the system you will be banned from all ScriptSpot "RE-launch" raffles.
  • Contest is open for 10 days, from Friday July 6 thru Monday July 16 at midnight PST.
  • The winner will be selected at random on a drawing occurring on July 17. Winner will be announced on this page and notified by email. Prize must be claimed within 1 weeks or a runner up winner will be selected.
  • Winner cannot hold HP or ScriptSpot liable for any damage incurred in shipping.
  • Winner may be held liable for taxes (winnings may be reported to the IRS and thus the winner may be held liable at tax time)

How To Enter:

Entering the raffle is easy. All you'll need is a ScriptSpot user account (free of course), a US address, and an opinion - thats it!

Step 1: Get a ScriptSpot account / login
Step 2: Add your name to the entry form. The entry form indicates your desire to participate in the raffle, but the points are required to even be considered!
Step 3: Earn more than 50 points by participating in ScriptSpot as detailed below.

This contest will be run a bit differently from previous ones - after all, if you're going to win an HP xw4400 Workstation, it'll take a little bit of work! Once you've got an account, browse around the site, comment on scripts you like, use the + button to give your thumbs up when you like something or post your own content. All these things will generate points. Once you have 50 points, you're in the raffle - and every time you do something that generates points a status message will be printed at the top of the screen. Here's the points breakdown:

  • Posting a tutorial: 100 points
  • Posting a script / plugin: 25 points
  • Posting a forum topic: 15 points
  • Posting a comment: 10 points
  • Voting on content: 1 point

Points are not retroactive. Someone new to the site has just as much of an opportunity to earn points as someone who has been using it for years. All those users who have earned 50 points or more and filled out the entry form (by the time the contest ends) will be entered into a drawing for the HP xw4400 Workstation. Earning more points will not increase your chances of winning but merely ensures your entry into the raffle. So, lets get moving, start commenting / posting to your hearts content!


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Mighty_Marcos's picture

"that will now not work

"that will now not work harder"???


you speak for the entire continent of Europe? neat, Give me your contact information, and I will pass it along to every corporation doing business in Europe, let them know that all they have to do is pass their promotions by you, if you approve they are a shoe in.


But really sir, fear tactics is something we are very tired of hearing here in the USA, I am sorry you cannot participate in this promotion, I am really, I personally do not like being exclude from anything, but resorting to "If I don't get what i want from you, bad things are going to happen" is one of the most immature ways of pouting that these days has gotten very tired and old. 

jhn's picture

Too bad it's not for

Too bad it's not for europeans, I think there's a lot of non american activity in the maxscript community, that will now not work harder to make this even a better community...
I think an opportunity missed... hope a next round there's some in it for the rest of the world too!


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