MCG support added!

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Calling all MCG developers! ScriptSpot now features an MCG section where you can share & find procedural MCG tools. This is an incredibly exciting feature of 3ds Max 2016 and I'm excited to see all the tools you're able to create!

The new section is a clean slate so there isn't any content until you add it! Since MCG files are inherently visual I'd like to see more images / video examples of what people can expect when using them.


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Thank you for such add for

Thank you for such add for MCG files and it's really helpful

a php and web developer and love building scripts

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A library of useful compounds and tools for Max Creation Graph.

3ds Max 2017 MCG Samples, Update: 16 June 2016

By: ADN-DevTech/3dsMax-MCG-Samples

A library of useful Max Creation Graph (MCG) compounds and tools for 3ds Max 2017.

You can use these sample by downloading and unzipping the repository from:

to: %userprofile%\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\Max Creation Graph\Tools

Where %userprofile% can be entered directly into Windows explorer and usually maps to somewhere like "C:\Users\digginc\"

Once you have downloaded the new tools, either restart 3ds Max or open the Max Creation Graph Editor and select from the menu "Operators > ReloadOperators" followed by "Build > Evaluate All Tools".

Sample MCG Tools

In the object construction panel under the "MCG Cloners" category:

Grid Cloner - Computes a 3D grid of clones
Path Cloner - Computes a series of clones along a spline
In the modifier panel:

Clone - A simple object cloner sample modifier.
Cloner from Surface - Computes clones randomly on the surface of a mesh.
Cloner from Vertices - Computes clones at each vertex of a mesh.
Cloner Mesher - Copies a mesh to each cloned location (requires a Cloner below it on the stack)
Cloner Transform - Transforms the location of each clone location (required a Cloner below it on the stack)
Smart Scale - Enables an object to be scaled along an axis selectively stretching parts of the mesh
Stacker - Creates copies of meshes that are aligned along an axi using the bounding box
Sample MCG Compounds

All sample compounds have the suffix "-ext". You can type into the search dialog "*-ext" to see a list of new operators.

Sample Scenes

There are several sample scenes included in the zip that demonstrate the various tools.


We recommend that you do not save modify the tools and compounds, but instead copy the files you want into a new directory and make the changes there.

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I would so gladly love it if you would change the flyout menus for the 3ds max section work on mobile. This site has been a struggle for years to read on at let's or touch screen devices. Its nearly impossible to clivk sub categories of the 3ds max section since it's only works on computers where users have the ability to hover.


John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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