Motiva SOAP First Public Release

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Motiva SOAP is a free realtime postproduction tool witch allows not only change colors of the entities but their influence in the whole scene.
Probably the best way to understand what's Motiva SOAP is look at this video.
Vimeo video (features):
Mirror in Youtube:
Why free?

Motiva SOAP is free and ever will be, Motiva SOAP was designed with educational purposes, our intention is sell a full tutorial of how it’s made this app step by step, line byline. Covering topics as ‘why is so important the linear conversions?’, ‘the maths behind the colors’, ‘what’s the way you must focus a realtime app’ , basic shader development...
Until we have a publisher for it we can’t guarantee if it will be released as open source for every one or only for the people that purchase the tutorial.
- DirectX 9.0.C June '08 or newer
- Microsoft Framework 3.5 (handled by the installer)
- C++ Runtime Libraries (handled by the installer)
- Pixel Shader 3.0 capable card
You can freely test it from our downloads page:


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sebastian___'s picture

It would be very nice if we

It would be very nice if we could do more with Motiva SOAP. Like editing the materials, or at least changing the textures, the tilling repetition, moving the textures up down...

I think Fryrender Swap uses a similar technology and you can change there the color of the materials, the textures and so on.

Motiva's picture

Send us the file named

Send us the file named soap.log to [email protected] placed in your app folder and we'll try to fix your problems, but usually should come from not updated versions of DirectX.

Motiva Infografia

Motiva Infografia

peprgb's picture

it looks great tool, but i

it looks great tool, but i try with the project wizard instructions with an .exr file and when open in SOAP get an error... :(

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dasawa: Sorry, I don't


Sorry, I don't understand you :(

Currently it can't do it, but we will release a publication called "Rebuilding Motiva SOAP to understand de CG Theory", there will be included the source code and it will be very easy to be modified acording your needs.

Motiva Infografia

Motiva Infografia

toriacht's picture

tried it very quickly, does

tried it very quickly, does it support multi matte elements for masks?

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We thought about integrating

We thought about integrating it into max, but it seems more interesting to leave as stand-alone, since you can visit or send to your client the SOAP scene without 3dsmax and choose the colors needed.
Anyway, it's planned to do some scripts for automatize the render process.

Thanks for your comments

Motiva Infografia

trick's picture

Obviously the big advantage

Obviously the big advantage for a plugin would be that you are changing the actual colors and materials inside Max. With all revisions I get from clients by which I simply need to go back in Max makes this an extra step in the workflow. I love the idea though !!

Let's see if the "buffering" in the interactive part of FinalRender R3 handles this too !!

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I have to say that it's a

I have to say that it's a great app. I've found this a few days ago and I think it's practical and has a very clean interface.

Also, maybe it would be useful to have a version integrated into MAX? I had done something like that (only a lot slower) some time ago, and having it inside MAX had some real workflow benefits.

In any case... good work!

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