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10 Year Anniversary Contest #6

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It's the 10th Anniversary of ScriptSpot and there are quite a few prizes to give away! There will be a new contest and new prizes every Monday and you'll be able to enter those contests by the following Friday (5 days). You may increase your chances of winning by referring your friends! This is the sixth contest and is closed to new entries. See winner announcement at bottom.

10 Years - In Search Of A Logo

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A component of the regular UI changes has been the changing / improving (IMHO) of the ScriptSpot logo. While early logo attempts were certainly not the best from a graphic design POV they also didn't do much to define what the site was.

The current logo is based on the idea that ScriptSpot is a global community. The dots surrounding the large blue ball signify people - like you - all around the world who contribute their tools for the rest of us to use on ScriptSpot.

10 Years - The Changing Face of ScriptSpot

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One thing that has changed dramatically from the early days of ScriptSpot is the interface. The original site was basically a glorified Excel file displayed in a web browser - there was no ranking, no searching, no comments and no way to add content. When ScriptSpot started I had no idea it would grow into the community it has thus the interface has changed with the needs of the site. With more and more content we needed a better way to filter out what we didn't want, a better way to search, a way to communicate and a way to participate.

3ds Max 2008 is shipping

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From the Autodesk announcement email:

"Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2008 is now shipping! This release makes working with complex scenes easier than ever. Dramatic performance improvements – in areas such as viewport interaction, selection and material assignment, as well as new, artist-friendly UI and scene management features, result in significantly enhanced productivity. Click below to find out about all the new features and enhancements of this exciting new release."

See What's New in 3ds Max 2008

3ds Max 2009 Announced

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Interesting news if you haven't heard. 3ds Max 2009 has been announced and will be split into an Entertainment and Design version corresponding to the creative needs of the different markets. In addition VIZ is being discontinued to be replaced by 3ds Max Design.

This has created quite a stir amongst the community on CGTalk and on Ken
Pimentel's blog


For the latest industry news - visit MaxUnderground.

3ds Max 2014 Extension Available

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The latest subscription extension for 3ds Max 2014 is available for download within your Autodesk subscription account.

Key features for this update are Point Cloud Support, Python Scripting & Stereo Camera (available via Autodesk Exchange).


3ds Max Programming Contest - $1000 Prize

6 votes

TurboSquid is holding a programming contest with a first prize of $1000. The contest calls for a utility that checks 3D models for certain attributes. Entrants can use MAXScript or any other programming language to write the utility.

3ds max select by name slow/fast

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For those who find "select by name" dialog in max 2008 and later, too slow, HERE is nice tip how to revert it into "old style and fast" mode.

9 years of ScriptSpot

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May has come and is nearly gone but is a special month for ScriptSpot - this is the 9th year since ScriptSpot was created. 9 years... Wow. So - what does this mean? Not much this year but I do think next year should be big! I'm thinking everything from competitions to giveaways to a major site refresh. If you've got some ideas or just would like to help out over the coming year shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Christopher Grant

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