SoulburnScripts Updated Sept 18th 2008

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NOTICE: I had to make some major changes to sLib to remove several recursion bugs that could cause max to crash. I've successfully removed the bugs, but it's possible I may have introduced new ones, despite a lot of testing to make sure all of the functions still work correctly. If you see any weirdness where scripts you know worked aren't working as expected anymore, please get in touch with me immediately. Thanks.

Updated several older scripts, here's the major updates:

objectPainter: Added a place mode, instead of painting a series of objects on the surface, it will place a single object at the spot you initial touch.
bitmapCollector: Added Extra Copy Path value. If you want to copy the maps to more than one directory, add the extra paths in here, with a , between each path.
alignViewportToFace: I now give the option of facing the face or seeing it from the side.
objectReplacer: Now retains Display Properties.
soulburnScriptsLister: Fixed naming error in internal variables. Users should not see any change.
sLib: Removed recursive functions, replaced them with loops.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

- Neil


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Hi Neil, if you want to

Hi Neil, if you want to spead your job (i presume you still use your own scripts), maybe is a time to fully rewrite sLib functions. I hope you know what i means.

Cheers, Anubis!

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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Thanks Neil for your useful

Thanks Neil for your useful scripts.

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Link not working ! website

Link not working !
website might be DOWN .

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very most often script I use

very most often script I use !!very usefull ,much-much thank !!

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