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- July 15-2008: add support for Maxwell 1.7

Convert Materials between Vray-Standard-MentalRay-Maxwell


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- July 15-2008: add support for Maxwell 1.7

Converts a scene from Vray to Maxwell.

Image Tracer Script

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GTools_ImageTracer Script

The script takes an image and creates a spline representing the contour of the black pixel areas.

The image must be black and white, if its not it will get convert it to black and white.

You have control on the image resolution and the threshold value.
Once the image is traced you can smooth and optimize the resulting spline


v 1.01 , March 04 2010: now you can optimize and smooth shapes with more then one spline in it.


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Randomly transform move, rotation, and scale on any number of objects or groups.

This one is base on Neil Blevins RandomTransform.ms


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Texture Bakes:

Ambient Occlusion (Mental Ray)
Ambient Occlusion (Vray)
Diffuse Map (Vray)
Global Illumination (Vray)
Raw Global Illumination (Vray)
Caustics (Vray)


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it consist of 3 scripts in one:


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Render a
selection of cameras.


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Let’s you modify the saturation of the Vray Fog color with Float numbers.

As you probably know, when you adjust the fog color in Vray you only have 255 levels, which most of the times its not enough as it jumps a lot from one number to the next, with this script you can have finer control of the fog color see the attached movie.


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Lets you change the display of selected vrayproxy’s


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Randomize up to 24 materials, works with Standard, MultSub, Vray Materials.

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