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Guillermo M Leal LLaguno

GTools_ImageTracer Script

The script takes an image and creates a spline representing the contour of the black pixel areas.

The image must be black and white, if its not it will get convert it to black and white.

You have control on the image resolution and the threshold value.
Once the image is traced you can smooth and optimize the resulting spline


v 1.01 , March 04 2010: now you can optimize and smooth shapes with more then one spline in it.

Image Tracer 1 Image Tracer 2 Image Tracer 3 Image Tracer 4


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9, 2008, 2009 or 2010
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Under programs/maxscript

Some basic instructions there but I can't get the demo vid to play.

I just tried it in 2015. It works but the install didn't quite go by the instructions. Customize User Interface ->Toolbars ->Category-> --G.Tools -- category doesn't show up anymore.

Dragged the script from C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2015\scripts\Gtools.

Must admit I use Vector Magic Desktop or illustrator these days when I need to trace and then import.

The smooth function was handy as far as I remember.

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I don't see where I can download? Will this work for version 2015?

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Very helpful !

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Urls -

I think he changed his site to a CMS so the old links are broken, joomla by the look of it.

Harum told me that Guillermo is not responding to email but I don't know how many times he has tried or how long he waited.

I hope he is back soon for those that need the script. Its a good'un

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Where I can download ? this

Where I can download ?
this link are down :(

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Thanks A Lot!!!

Thanks A Lot!!!

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I am looking for something

I am looking for something like this wich works for already wrapped images. Example: Imagine a black/white image of the earth (land white, water black), wrapped around a sphere. After the magigal script I am looking for is finished, you would have the continent's outlines as splines in 3D, not plane. That would be awesome.

Best regards, Sam

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Great tracer, Magic smoothing

Great tracer, Magic smoothing function!

I can't count the number of imported splines I have given up on in the past
and all that time fiddling about with external tracing software or illustrator version.minus.9 files, Cleaning up was just to time consuming to be viable.

The spline optimize gives me loads of control that I wouldn't have otherwise
but it is the smoothing function that really makes this a must have for me.
I always wondered why there was no native max function that does this.

Thanks Guillermo.

- win7, 3ds max 2010 64bit

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very nice

very nice

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Ah very nice,i`ve been

Ah very nice,i`ve been thinking of such a script for years. Good job

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