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Guillermo M. Leal LLaguno

- July 15-2008: add support for Maxwell 1.7

Converts a scene from Vray to Maxwell.

The idea for creating this script was that wile vray it’s
very fast, it just takes a lot of time tweaking stuff to get it just right. On
the other hand Maxwell takes forever to render but having the materials already
done it’s just a mater of assigning them and you are done. this were the script
comes handy, you can start a vray project and use the predefined names that the
script can use to create default materials or you can have a scene already in
vray and the script will try to convert everything, from lights, maps,
textures, etc. so you don't have to tweak much in Maxwell just run the script,
run the simulation with multilight and play with the lights, then you can go
back to vray and tweak you lights to match the Maxwell render

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3DMax 2008, Maxwell, Vray
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