Server updates / drupal upgrade

For the past couple weeks I've been steadily preparing a new server for ScriptSpot. The current one has been crumbling under the load recently and its been clear that there just isn't enough room to grow. So, we're on a new server now thats significantly more powerful. Aside from that I've fundamentally changed chunks of the site which were very inefficent and converted them into a more drupal native, upgradable system.

For those few of you interested in web stuff. ScriptSpot has been running on Drupal 4.7x (an open source content management system) for almost the past year and a half and with the server move it was necessary to upgrade to the current Drupal 5.x.

For those of you who really don't care about web stuff. You should be much happier with the server upgrade - not because of technical reasons but because of some needed UI / workflow enhancements. I'll detail those soon.