Testing script/plugin I am writing, ATM it is a plugin, but controlled by a rollout(due to problems with using the plugin as it should be, using a rollout works a lot better)(the output is also a mesh, not a spline, Im using it as a plugin so that I can get results quicker)


Changed to a rollout, aswell as changing it so you enter your own expressions for the position of each knot.

Its quite simple, it creates a spline, then adds as many knots as you want, with the position being one of a range of supplied types, in the above pictures only 1 type is used, but with different values being given for it.

As said above, it now uses a custom expression for the position, which allows for a lot more customizability.

I have added presets, and am adding to them, most are taken from:

Decorative knotting using trigonometric parametrizations

Decorative knot patterns

aswell as many other sources on the web.


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Beautiful work

Hi Cheese3000, it looks like you are passionate of the beauty of Maths. I wrote a similar script (fully written in Maxscript) in october 2012, I would be happy to have your opinion about it. I did a modest video to show what you can do with it here: http://youtu.be/wKhxx8TwxPo



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Wow. That looks really good,

That looks really good, looks a lot more functional then what I did(I stopped doing this script, for various reasons).
The tube mesh created around the spline, not that you have to tell me, but how did you do that? creating just a simple tube around would be easy, but the radius changes just baffle me(unless you went throuh each edge loop, scaling them, which is a daunting prospect to code):P

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Thank you !

Thank you for your kind words. I posted on the forum this: http://www.scriptspot.com/forums/3ds-max/general-scripting/convert-a-mat...

I wanted to implement it inside 3ds max. At first I wasn't really sure if I could do it. I had to convert some complex Matlab functions and I knew nothing about Matlab before. Little by little I connected each function and it worked. About the creation of the mesh, I found by chance a pretty script I could use to generate a cylindrical mesh. I changed it a bit to fit my arrays. Here is the link for this script : http://www.os3d.se/?page_id=417



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looks good, and quite

looks good, and quite complicated :P
I recently tried to get a way to rotate 1 vector around another, by a certain amount.
While this seems un-connected, using the same base as this blog post, I have made a scripted-plugin, which uses a custom X,Y,Z position, and creates a circular mesh around the positions.
Since Im using vectors, I can just scale the radius up/down using another custon function, aswell as rotating it(with varying success making a bias).
After I have cleaned up the code, I will post it on ScriptSpot.