KSV (Kostasoft Stereo Viewer) - NVidia 3D Vision and Autodesk 3DS Max

Unfairly disadvantaged by stereo ability 3DS Max 2010 (even Maya has the ability to browse viewport in stereo, but only with professional graphics videocards), finally had the opportunity to not only demonstrate own charms in a viewport stereo mode, but also make a custom render of frames and show them in stereo.

This plugin is based on 3D Vision technology and therefore available to all owners of computers with standard gaming graphics card of the company Nvidia on the motherboard and two monitors in the system. In the absence of 3D Vision Kit and stereo-compatible monitor / projector / plasma TV, output signal is possible only in the “anaglyph” format (this restriction of drivers). And if you have the above-described equipment - stereo appear before you in all beauty. Simply copy the plugin’s file in plugins folder (for example, I have this C:\Program Files\Autodesk3ds Max Design 2010\plugins)


- Plugin free for all with conditions “as is”.

- Presented in two versions (for 32 bit systems, and for 64 bit).

- The feature of this plugin is a compilation with priority for the processors from Intel company, which should give a boost in performance for systems based on this processor(s).

Download the plugin:

For 32 bit system - http://kostasoft.com/index.php?mod=download&do=download&obj=24
For 64 bit system - http://kostasoft.com/index.php?mod=download&do=download&obj=25

Link to the official site (sorry, in Russian only yet): http://www.kostasoft.com

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Only red image displayed

i tried your plugin under vista/max2010 with NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT.
In the dual monitor setup i only get the red image.
Newest NVIDIA drivers are installed, Stereoscopic 3D-Functions in the driver are activated,
still the cyan overlay ist missing.

Can you help me out, because I'd really like to have this working.



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switch back your viewport layout to default

(sorry for my bad english)

I had the same problem before

You must switch back your viewport layout to default (4 views with the same size)

And it works fine !

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Thank You and A Question

Hello! This is a Very Useful tool! I see it works just fine for me in Red/Blue Anaglyph - Awesome! But I bought a 23″ Planar SA2311W 3D Vision-ready LCD Monitor and the 3D Vision Glasses kit to try to see the Preview Viewport in 3D Vision with the glasses and I have never had any luck. It crashes my Max every time. I have tried many combination of monitors and sizes - I have a Wacom Cintiq 21UX - I have a Sony CRT that has a few 120hZ Modes - I now have the PLANAR 120hZ 3D Screen - alas I am stil unable to get this routine to work. I wish I could as it would change my Animation world.
One thing I have discovered is that With a Quadro (I have the FX 4600)
and the Max Performance Driver installed (and DLP with 3D Vision selected in NVIDIA control panel)
---- MAX WORKS GREAT IN 3D VISION!!! It is rock solid! I can see any perspective or camera viewport in perfect rock solid S3D!!! This is not the same as having a representation of S3D CAMERA settings I realize but I spent many a night thinking about it and I have come up with a way to ALIGN my StereoCam Modifier Camera to the 3D Vision Display (on the Default 3D Vision 'Strength' setting). I am able to use the Anaglyph Preview Output from your fine tool to compare the 'image seperation' relative to objecrts I have placed in the 3D scene. I have a object at Zero Parallax and the Object furthest in the scene and I align the StereoCam Modifier settings until the Image seperation is roughly the same in both the 3D Vision screen (with 3D Vision glasses off!) and the Anaglyph Preview from your pluging (with the Anaglyph glasses off -->to SEE the Seperation on purpose...) I adjust until my Zero Parallax object has no seperation in either case AND the Far objects (or objects) I have choosen have the same amount of (comfortable) stereo seperation. I also look at the small amoint of overlap of Heads and such and that helps. I have setup Images and Scenes to Post as a Tutorial on how to Align the StereoCam Modifier to 3D Vision display - Can someone tell me where I could post this tutorial here on this site even though it is not a "Script" per se.. but a procedure.. (Maybe I should add it to the section on StereoCam Modifier!!! ???)

This is a long post but it is my first post. I am learning how to 'post' and 'blog' 'reply' etc. I did not see a place on this page to 'post' my own comment so I had to hit 'reply' to the bottom comment... I hope this is not incorrect procedure. Advice is most welcome!

See my S3D Character Animation at my Youtube channel (using the StereoCam Modifier from this awesome site!


THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL INFORMATION!! I decided it was time for me to share as well! I have developed the most powerful and incredible Method of Entering Character Animation in almost real-time (All the characters you see animated in my channel (test renders) are animated using this methid. It is the reason I am able to animate so many characters with so much nuance and believability! (BELIEVABILITY as opposesd to realism as touched upon in the great book "Acting for Animators" by Ed Hooks (I am not Ed Hooks hahhaa)

"May you live all the days of your life" (Jonathan Swift)
"Life is about Taking Part" (Advice from Aaron's Son about going on "Big Brother UK")