Me and my bugs...

I need an accelerated course on de-infestation...

Just so the curious may know, there are a couple of minor issues (in that they don't break the scripts) with the physcam converter (should be fixed soon enough) and with the vrimage2exr gui, still present in version 1.03 of the pack (nothing actually changed in the scripts themselves, YET ;) ).

The physcam converted shows some issue when trying to convert a physcam view (not sure, but it should behave the same also on the standard one). There is a workaround which is to hand select the camera and convert it through the "convert camera(s)" button (for a standard camera) or simply shift+click (in move, rotate or scale mode) the original physcam to duplicate it.

The vrimg2exr gui is a bit of a silly beast, and i am trying to track down where the bug might be originating from: my code, or the particular version of the exe.
The method i use to examine, retrieve and convert channels is consistent across all of them, and still the converter will not recognise a few of the channels (rendernodeID for one), and skip them during conversion, while the name used for the channel IS exactly what the exe will spit out upon file analysis.
I am trying a few different things, with little success so far.

For the while, enjoy the new installer, and let me know if anything odd happens with it, or would like to have it expanded.