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Me and my bugs...

I need an accelerated course on de-infestation...

Just so the curious may know, there are a couple of minor issues (in that they don't break the scripts) with the physcam converter (should be fixed soon enough) and with the vrimage2exr gui, still present in version 1.03 of the pack (nothing actually changed in the scripts themselves, YET ;) ).

Fixed silly bug in VRIMG_2_EXR Interface - RGB converted properly now

Aside from the fact that RGB is overrated a channel, i seem to have forgot it in the first iteration of the script.

Duh! moment for me, we'll get to know each other ;)

Pack's Updated


Physcam Converter 1.2 - Rewritten from scratch...

I rewrote the code for the Physcam Converter (anything_2_physcam) so to better handle animation.

Also strenghtened the script generally, and removed previous hacks which were needed in previous RC versions of Vray.

Matrix-weighted Exposimeter

I should thank Vlado (Chaosgroup, VRay programmer) for his contribution of ideas and ways to use the VRay tools, for this one.


Ahh, some news!

Instinct, one of the most fertile minds I ever met, honoured me with a link to his own blog, at http://instinctvfx.blogspot.com .

We're LIVE!!!

Well done to Chris and Wife for the effort, and the beautiful result!

Thank you so much!


And the first Script submission is up!

Do give a try to the VRay tools, fellow scripters (and elected users, at this time), and let me know if and how you'd like them to change/expand/be curtailed.

I'm hungry for critiques!

Thanks to you all,


Here we go!

A new site, loads of work from Chris, is upon us...

Finally, a place where users and scripters can meet, discuss, flame and make friends, and ultimately grow for the better.

I'm as excited for this as i was for my first day at school...
Wish-he-was-a-Dev suit up, let's get rolling!!!


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