Physcam Converter 1.2 - Rewritten from scratch...

I rewrote the code for the Physcam Converter (anything_2_physcam) so to better handle animation.

Also strenghtened the script generally, and removed previous hacks which were needed in previous RC versions of Vray.

It now comes with an interface, tooltips and a "quick help" button.
Allows conversion of selected, or all cameras (if none is selected), or
of the current view, whatever the type is (orthogonal, perspective or
camera view).

It's also able to match FoV animation in a number of
fashions: Creating lienearly interpolated keys where the original keys
were (in which case it will lose any non-linearly interpolated ease
that was give to the curves, eg. bezier handles); Using the same
controller type a the original camera, but NOT copying over every key
parameter (hence the animation may not match exactly, but should be in
most cases very close), only time and value; Baking the animation per
frame on the Physcam FoV , representing the original FoV animation very
precisely, at the expense of some weight on the scene, unnoticeable but
for the most massive of conversions.

So far, not one max crash due to the previous issues.

Please provide any feedback (issues or suggestions, preferably...) as to its usage.