Max to Sunflow Exporter v0.21 released

At last there's an update for the Max exporter Very Happy

This update adds quite a few changes:

- fixes a bug with incorrect scaling of instances

- fixes a bug with instanced materials not always being recognized

- changes the way of getting blur strength for Phong shaders (now uses Max softness setting x 100)

- adds an INI file so that settings from the previous session get loaded when you start the script

- changes the way of outputting camera transforms, which means that roll angles now get exported properly

- adds support for the debug shaders (GI, photons and caustics)

- the script is now a macroscript, and can be started from a toolbar

- adds support for the Uber shader

- adds the option to start rendering the scene after exporting it (the
first time you do this you need to set up the paths first)