Sunflow exporter v0.19 released...

Right, the next update is finished... 

What's new in v0.19: 
- adds image-based lighting 
- fixes a problem with German-language Max not finding cameras 
- fixes a problem with mental ray shaders stopping export 
- fixes a bug where the exporter tried to export UVs that didn't exist 
- fixes a bug with negative scale values 
- the script no longer exports multiple duplicated materials 
- groups now get exported properly 
- fixes some shaders being exported twice

IBL works great, I just can't figure out the centre vector setting. 
So at the moment, the HDRI is not in exactly the same place in Sunflow as it is in Max. 
I'll try and get this and the camera roll stuff sorted out for the next release. 
The next thing I'll be looking at is adding meshlights.