Autocomplete in the Maxscript Editor

Autocomplete Maxscript

Friends for a long time, I suffered, I was searching for avtokomplit Maxscript. And all that could find - is articles or in English, or Chinese. And even if they find something - all was not clear what and where to push and what sequence of actions. Yet, after long tinkering, studies, trial and error, I still managed to make Autocomplete in Maxscript Editor. And I'm ready to provide, clear sequence of actions, as it is done.
So, we go:

1) In The Maxscript Editor, go: Tool / Global Options File and add this:

# Autocomplete
# Editor Behavior
# home key goes to far left beginning of line
# open up to 20 files at once
# show file tabs on multiple lines
# highlighted a file name in a script and open that file using Ctrl-Shift-O
# I use this with files Im adding to a script using include or fileIn
openpath.*.ms=<my script functions folder>
# Ctrl-O defaults to the directory of the currently active file

2) Create a text document in Notepad maxscript.txt
3) Download the, unpack and run by simply dragging it into viewport of 3dsMax, - the script will generate keywords for the API file.

4) Once the script is triggered, of MaxscriptEditor, copy and save list of keywords into maxscript.txt
5) Change the file extension from maxscript. txt to. API and copy this file to the root 3dsMax
[Sample path]: (# \ Program Files * \ Autodesk \ 3ds Max 20 **)
6) Restart 3dsMax

1.Autocomplete in the MaxScript Editor
2.MaxScript AutoComplete
3.DarkScintilla: Maxscript Editor dark scheme

In any case, if the link of download for the script is lost, this script is laid out in the form of text in the source 2. and 3. (of used sources).

На русском языке, эту же инструкцию я разместил вот здесь:

Автокомплит в Maxscript Editor как сделать?

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I fix link