They even give me a blog!

Hey everybody,
I'm an aspiring game developer/designer who writes maxscripts for my humble game projects. I doubt my scripts will be of use to anyone because they primarily deal with editing and exporting models, levels and sprites into my own formats. I only have my own formats because I'm teaching myself game dev the hard way, and I really want to know how everything works. I say "game dev" because I'm a programmer, 3d artist/2d artist, animator, etc... I love every aspect of the process. So anyway, I'm currently writing a sprite render/data exporter and level exporter for my sprite-based game. It uses SDL, Opengl, box2d for physics, in C++ and my tools are in maxscript. I'll post a link when I have a page for the project.

I really like this site. Its always fun to see what useful stuff people post here!

- Matt