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Real World Scale

I've been working on some renderings using architectual models for my companies new website, and thought i'd put in some Ivy's.

The problem is that Ivy'gen is based upon real world scale, and a leaf that is bigger than my small town isnt right. on the other hand a 400 leaf ivy the size of a bike is too small. I don't want to start fiddling with Ivy'gen's settings (although a simple "scale" slider would be grand), so i need to scale the model.

Second problem, my scene is already 1,2 mill poly's. And with the wire-duplicate, its 2,4 million polygons. Its slow but doable.

Starting out big.

I've been working as a technical modeller for two months now, after a four year game design education. Speed and low polycount is crucial so, shortcuts are the key.

I've come across one problem, i wish to solve with scripting.

Converting animation constraints, ie look-at-constraint to keyframes.

This is because our in-house exporter and simulator can't handle dummies or that kind of thing.

The way i've been doing it is manually copying and pasting every rotation coordinate for 100 frames. It needs to end! rawr.

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