Maxscript Explorer – Notepad++ plugin for developers

New version of Maxscript Explorer for developers is released.

This is totally new version with totally rewrote code.


  • Display the list of functions and structures from maxscript file(s).
  • Multiply project modes: Single file, Project folder, Opened files
  • Go to definition from working area or tree.
  • Ability to insert function with parameters into working area.
  • Navigation back/forward
  • Filter functions by text
  • Ability to hide private members of structs
  • Display tooltips with related comments and parameters for selected function.

TODO list:

  • List of bookmarks
  • Autocomplete from list of functions

Credits: NppPlugin .NET package for VS
Alexander Kerner– partial of code is based on parsing code for previous version of Maxscript manager.

Welcome for your ideas!

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P.S. This is a Notepadd++ plugin.


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Well,this plugin is new and

Well,this plugin is new and seems tricky to me, but sure it will be of great help for professionals.