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NaviSet Transfer 1.0 Release!

Many things have been improved since my last post here, and I thought it would be a good idea to follow up on it to announce that the plugins and scripts have reached 1.0 status. That means you can use it in your work the way I had intended from the beginning.

In addition to being able to transfer sets between Navisworks files and 3DS Max, it also supports the transfer of timelines and task colorization. I’ve created a video to demonstrate these features, which you can view here:

Project: Navisworks Timeliner to 3ds Max

At work I use Navisworks to do a variety of things, including using it to create animated construction timelines. Naviswork's rendering capability has improved over the years, but there's not many options for controlling how the timeline animation looks, and not many ways to speed up the rendering process. I find the way Naviswork's handles FOV to be quite annoying, and due to time constraints, the best I can hope to do is export viewport sequences. I hope to change that...

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