NaviSet Transfer 1.0 Release!

Many things have been improved since my last post here, and I thought it would be a good idea to follow up on it to announce that the plugins and scripts have reached 1.0 status. That means you can use it in your work the way I had intended from the beginning.

In addition to being able to transfer sets between Navisworks files and 3DS Max, it also supports the transfer of timelines and task colorization. I’ve created a video to demonstrate these features, which you can view here:

And finally, on a request basis, I can provide a French version of the software. Later this will be included in the installation package as an option.


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Nice post

Thanks for sharing this information here. Recently I had searched about this one. Anyway your post helped me more.

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Nice post only?

Thanks for this information. Seams that you have done a great job, but... where is the actual script? There is no information about it at all. Is it for sale, for free, where is it? Could you please light this up? It looks so good, mate!

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Naviset transfer

Unfortunately, this script only works with Revit-created files. What a pity