manipulators in moveable window?

Hi.Does anyone know of a way to take existing 3d max slider manipulators and stick them inside of a separate window that I can then move around? This way they are not cluttering up my view ports. I run 2 monitors, so it would be nice to have the manipulators off to side in the other monitor. Thanks -T


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Creating a custom

Creating a custom Manipulator in a window:

Well, I was having the same problem and a figured out a workaround.
1. Create a Regular Manipulator (Create>Helpers>Manipulator)
2. Give your Manipulator a name, NOT a Label! For this example will use “Slider01”
3. Open the MaxScript Editor (MAXScript>MAXScript Editor)
4. Paste the following code: The code is self explanatory!

rollout mywin "SLlder Test"
group "SLider 1"
-- START Slider1

slider texst1 "SLider Manupulator" orient:#vertical rage:[0,100,0] -- Creates a slider
spinner ssample1 "Spinner Value" type:#float rang:[0,100,0] --Creates a spinner
button t1reset "Reset BT" -- Creates a button

-- Changes the Values from the Window Slider to the spinner and SLider in the view port
-- NOTE: the "$Slider01" is the name given to your Manipulator slider, without the "$"
on texst1 changed val do
$Slider01.value = val --View port slider
ssample1.value = val --Spinner

-- Changes the values from the Spinner to Viewport and Slider window
on ssample1 changed val do
texst1.value = val -- Window Slider
$Slider01.value = val --Viewport Slider

--Sets the reset value to the Window Slider, Viewport SLider and Spinner.
on t1reset pressed do
texst1.value = 0 --Window Slider
$Slider01.value = 0 --Viewport Slider
ssample1.value = 0 --Pineer

-- END

createDialog mywin width:200 height:200

5. Press CTRL + E to Evaluate all the code or (Tools>Evaluate all)
6. That’s all!
7. Now you can hide all the sliders in your viewport window. DO not delete them just hide them.
Note: If you wish to make more controllers, simple copy and paste the code between START and END, and make sure to Change the name of the controls as well as the of the slider “$” in the viewport.
I hope this helps anyone that wishes to have

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