Developing script to automate robotic arm motion.

Hi All, I just wanted to share this cool hobby project (WIP) I have been working on for last couple days, it is a script that automatically animates sequence of robotic arm motions so that it can pick any object from any location and position it upon target surface. Still long way to go, but I thought you might want to preview what it does.


Undo Selection:Macro Script

An scipted macro to Undo selection.
What is it good for ?
during Animating proccess (or navigating objects), user need to swich between controllers or objects for many times. every time they need to navigate viewport and select new controllers. in the case of normal undo of max, your actions will be undo too. this Script is for Undo only the selection sets and keep actions.
note: this Script only works in object-mode selections and not any sub-level selections like vertex and edjes.

After placing files , Run Max, go to Customize > Customize user interface > toolbars tab

Parameter Manager Script

I developed a script to help make the process of animating much easier and more manageable. Working with the parameter collector you can use this script to copy parameter data values or keep track of them and even save tham off for reuse later. The script is available at

I created a page for it at

I hope you will find it useful.

Hi all.

Hi all.

Access all max Modifiers using Max Script

Hi there,

How to collect the list of all max modifiers using for loop and output it to a mulitilistbox?

Thank you

bake sandblaster particles

Can anybody plz help me how to bake
sandblaster particles in keyframes in max 8

Project Manager



Project Manager -the utility for organisation of files and work with them in 3ds Max.

It help you with cataloging and using in your projects of a bitmaps, library of models and materials, also IES and HDRI files.

The organization system allows the to keep references to the directory in different directories without duplication of folders on your hard drive.

For example you can put same folder of 3d models "Classic Chandeliers" in the  catalog  "Classics" and catalog "Lamps". 

For more convenient job with libraries all information is presented in the thumbnails view.



download video

send to 3dsmax run


auto batch encrypt *.ms file

Wrapit 1.0 Released


Wrapit 1.0 Released for 3ds max

London, UK, 06/08/2010

Wrapit 1.0 is released today, an efficient, low cost fully integrated 3ds max retopology solution. Wrapit is essentially a tool for conforming geometry to other geometry, this lends itself to various scenarios such as retopologising high-res meshes like those created in Zbrush, Mudbox, 3d Scan data etc, and creating low poly proxies for situations where those are preferable, eg. collision detection, LODS etc.

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