Detach Mesh and UV vertex order differents??

Hello guys,

as always I checked on internet a lot before to come here but my appologize is the solution is already somewhere here.

I need to flatten a mesh by using its UV and get a morpher to get back to its previous state.
Don't leave me right now, I know there is fews script to do it, as the great UVtoMesh for example but it is not exactly what I want.

First, let's talk about the trouble and then, the way I'm doing it.

- the problem i got is that when I spin up my morpher my mesh is completely destroy even if (pretty much the same result as using morpher on a mirroiring mesh). So I check the vertex order and I notice that I don't have the same between my original state and the one after morphing... It make me crazy since when you select and compare your vetex in the UV editor the seams to be correct. I can't find a way to fix it.

- Now let's talk about my process:
I use a mesh and split it either by is UV Elments and the I use either the "Datamesh" or the "Channel Info" to copy my vertex map channel position to my mesh. Everything works perfectly so far. Then I aply my morpher and the trouble appear.

I tried with to script to do this stuff and the one that gave me the best result is "UVtoMesh" from Clovis Gay. However this script does to many job as scaling the flatten mesh and make a copy with a change of position, 2 things that I don't want but still he succed to fix the problem I got...

Anyway, do you know a solution to reset vertex order on the UV or something like that? By the way i tried many many things even to project UV but doesn't work and i also notice that if I detach UV Element just by selecting poly manually on my mesh I don't get the same problem or not everytime at least ^^