Load MultiBitmaps Into 1 material?

Hello i just wanted to ask if theres a script, that allows me to load a bunch of bitmaps from some folder and create equal number of materials (vray or standard, doesnt matter) with each bitmap in SELECTED slot (diffuse for example) and then load another bitmaps (from a different folder) into the SAME materials but in different slots.

I need to crate for example a LOT of leave textures for example 100. So i would like to automaticaly load diffuse, reflection and opacity map into 1 material so i can get 1 finished material. For example:

Leave_001_diffuse.jpg will be automatically loaded into diffuse slot of 1st material
Leave_001_reflection.jpg will be automatically loaded into reflection slot of 1st material
Leave_001_opacity.jpg will be automatically loaded into opacity slot of 1st material

Leave_002_diffuse.jpg will be automatically loaded into diffuse slot of 2nd material


You get the point i belive, is there some script that allows me to that, i think i saw something some time ago but cannot remember the name and currently i didnt find anything, only this:
But as far as i tried the script creates new material each time it loads the bitmap, but i need the possibility to load new bitmaps into different slots of ALREADY existing materials (in scene or material editor, doesnt matter).

Is there such a script please?


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Hi, well i dont have all maps

Hi, well i dont have all maps in one folder, but i can surrely quickly put all maps into different folder if it is neccesarry, also i can quickly add a suffix like diff etc. to the texture names (using the total commanders batch rename option), thats possible of course, but how would it help if no such script exist :-)?

(BTW are u sure it doesnt? i would swear i have read about such script here which have added the textures into 1 material (into different slots according to the name suffix)

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You mean this tool


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No, its not this one, i would

No, its not this one, i would swear i have had seen a script that used the name suffix of the texture name to add it into apropriate slot of (standard?) material. E.g. xxx_difuse.jpg goes to diffuse slot, xxx_reflection.jpg goes to reflection slot of the same 1 material etc. I would swear i saw it somewhere and it makes sense, since such a script would be usefull and someone had to programmed it before.

So can somebody please direct me to the right way/link?

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No that script not exists.
Are you have every type of map in separate folder ei
separate folder for diffuse, reflection or bump maps or..?


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Maybe is better to place all maps in the same folder and filter all maps by prefix or sufix ("_diff", "_refl", "_bump")


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foldermap loader

Hi barigazy,

Is there any code to filter prefix or suffix?

for example

if my folder contain maps with this names




then script search for suffix and connect this maps to material for example

if mapdir contains _diff.png then m.diffusemap = xxx_diff.png

if mapdir contains _refl.png then m.reflectionmap =yyyyyyyyy_refl.png

if mapdir contains _refl.png then m.refractiononmap = zzzzzzzzzz_refr.png

How I can filter maps by suffix and prefix??

I think this is a good idea

thanks a lot


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Hi, try dropAllHere

I still work on it but I added this function recently.
It can load multiple images to specific slots

Press "BmpTex" button and drop files. It finds files with the same prefix and then recognize where to load them by suffix.

Right now, It will load only first group of files to MatEdit slot 1

I plan to add more functions to load into multiple MatEdit slots or to Material Library

Let me know how it works.

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Thanks pixamoon you are my

Thanks pixamoon
you are my hero!

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