Multi Map Loader

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Hani Tiby

Loads multiple files from a folder into your choice of available materials & maps. Then puts the new created materials to the material library.


Version 2.1 updates:

  • ( Fix ) In v2.0 you would have an error if you select or change the file type dropdown list before sprecifing the bitmaps folder.
  • ( Update ) all the bitmap textures is now named after the filename ( Thanks for my Brazilian friend "Paulo belesa" aka "pfbelesa" for the constructive feedbacks ).


  • Use the material library option with care so you don't loose any current library.
  • This script is not tested enough, So USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. 


Put the file in Max>UI>macroscripts

Restart max if it's open

Customize your UI (find the script under category "Hani")

Additional Info: 

Version 2.0 updates:
- Added file type filter.
- Added map type dropdown list.
- Fixed the "destroy dialog" bug.

Version 1.1
- Changed a code order to prevent clearing the current material library in case of trying to load more than 10 maps into a composite material.

Version Requirement: 
Max 2009 and up
Video URL: 
hani_multimaploader.mcr6.98 KB


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thinkyogurt's picture

name material

Hi Hani.
it's a super script!
I ask, if possible have the name of the bitmap load into name of material?

thinkyogurt's picture

is there the possibility to

is there the possibility to load only the name without the address?

Hani Tiby's picture

Sure you can, and please

Sure you can, and please share it back :)

Atelier Bump's picture

Extend Script

Hi Hani.
Useful Script!. I want to ask you if I can extend your script to work with vray material, and select specific maps from directory rather than the entire dir. It would be nice to be able to set more than one map type at time.

barigazy's picture


Sorry I accidentally deleted script. I hope that author see your request and update this tool.


vidivini500's picture

Hi, barigazy, can you upload

Hi, barigazy, can you upload your optimize version? It would be great if you could create Vraymaterials too

barigazy's picture


Also i have some new ideas for future update if you're interested.


barigazy's picture

Hi Hani Tiby,

I optimize your script code and works fine on max2013
and probably later versions.
If you want to see the result send me your email.


Hani Tiby's picture

Options are endless

Hi RoosterMap,
Options are endless regarding importing and putting maps in different materials and map slots.
Anyway I'll change browsing so the user can select specific files.
I can also make a naming option to choose between "file name" or "user defined name".
Thanks for the nice feedback. and please keep sharing your updates.

Hani Tiby's picture


Hi pfbelesa,
From our chat on linkedin, I remember that you've solved your problem, but please share with us what was the problem, and how was it solved.
Thank you

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