some one can test this for me on windows 7 and vista

Hi I want to know if activex treeview and listview work in windows 7 and vista (32 bit)...
please if some can test this code for me it will be great...

code is in attached file these are exemples from max help thanks in advance

listview.ms1.08 KB
treeview.ms2.36 KB


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Thank you Very Much...

Thank you Very Much...for all your great help have a good day.

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register using Admin Rights

You need admin rights, or won't register.
[command prompt started w admin rights]

I've tested your scripts using your .ocx, they run fine
(I had an older version but worked too).

ActiveX stuff is not supported anymore by Microsoft, so it's a dying thing..
Eventually you should use something else, like dotnet, or else..

I only register this .ocx file to test old stuff..

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dying?... :) may sound a bit speculative

Yes, its true that Microsoft end support for ActiveX but this dying process will take a whole age, as the complite migration from 32 to 64-bit is just at the beginning stage. Just for example, take a look at Excel, did someone ever plan to rewrite this application? And there is zillion staffs that no one bother to rewrite (at least for now). :)
Microsoft end the support of classic VisualBasic as well along time ago, but can call VB6 dying language? There still millions VB programmer that not plan to move to the new VB.NET
As for the man who ask here for test assistance, if he plan to make some commercial tools/apps using ActiveX, then probably will fail, but due to the opinion of the mass of people, as they belive that all AX is too dangerous, which is the myth, but the folks are controlled by myths (not by money (this is another myth)) :)
In other words, if you work for (or plan to join) company that already use/invest in OLE solutions, then nothing wrong to start lean them.

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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Thats a great news...Ruramuq

So In attachment this my MSCOMCTL.OCX (find in my winXP system32 directory)
please extract it first

some one can do what Ruramuq say...

for those who don't know where to input the commande (after the copy)
Click Start.
Type cmd and press enter.
then enter regsvr32 %windir%\SysWOW64\MSCOMCTL.OCX

sorry if I ask alot but I havn't acces to win 7 :( and hope that this will help someone else one day

mscomctl.rar 427.58 KB
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if you download a good .ocx

if you download a good .ocx file, or copy from an old installation, maybe windows XP..
copy to a windows folder like syswow64, then type:

regsvr32 %windir%\SysWOW64\MSCOMCTL.OCX

› load max2011/2012 '32bit', and if everything is fine, it should work.

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so no way...

So no way to use activex under win7...even 32 the only solution is using dotnet? :(

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It wont work, unless MSCOMCTL.OCX file is registered manually (32bit apps).

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