TreeView: .SingleSel= false dosn't work


I wanted to use this scene tree view it is the exemple provided in 3dsmax maxscript help. however I wanted to modify it to allow multiple selection

so I added

tv.singlesel = false

(in initTreeView function) but it dosn't work any idea how to allow multiple selection in treeview?

I have also a question will this script work on 64 bit system?

I am under 3dsmax 7.0 thanks

and here is the code:

macroScript SceneTreeView category:"HowTo"


rollout treeview_rollout "TreeView Scene Browser"


fn initTreeView tv ilTv=


tv.Indentation = 28*15

tv.LineStyle = #tvwRootLines

tv.SingleSel = false


fn addChildren tv theNode theChildren =


for c in theChildren do


newNode = tv.Nodes.add theNode.index 4 "" 0

addChildren tv newNode c.children



fn fillInTreeView tv =


theRoot = tv.Nodes.add()

theRoot.text = "WORLD ROOT"

rootNodes = for o in objects where o.parent == undefined collect o

addChildren tv theRoot rootNodes


activeXControl tv "MSComctlLib.TreeCtrl" width:190 height:290 align:#center

spinner spn_indent "Indentation" range:[0,100,28] type:#integer fieldwidth:40

on tv nodeClick theNode do try(select (getNodeByName theNode.text))catch()

on spn_indent changed val do tv.indentation = val*15

on treeview_rollout open do


initTreeView tv ilTv

fillInTreeView tv



try(destroyDialog treeview_rollout)catch()

createDialog treeview_rollout 200 300