Using Mesh Edit Modifier?

Hi, I'm new to maxscript, and would like to know how to select and move vertices in a Mesh Edit Modifier.

the maxscript docs don't give alot of detail about using MeshEdit, the docs actually say to refer to the edit mesh section.. but the example commands dont seem to work for me.

I can carry out my operations using edit poly, but doing that alters the vertex count which is important I do not change.

here is my current script using edit poly, but I need to know how to do these same operations using edit mesh instead. can anyone help?
also important any of my mesh changes are made to a modifier so that I can toggle between vertex changes..


max modify mode
addModifier obj (edit_poly())

subobjectLevel = 1

$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].SetSelection #Vertex #{}
$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].Select #Vertex #{1}
vert=$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].GetVertex 1
$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].SetOperation #Transform


$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].MoveSelection [mX,mY,mZ]
$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].Commit ()
$.modifiers[#Edit_Poly].SetSelection #Vertex #{}

subobjectLevel = 0