I want this

i want a render utitily that lets me set up like 5 cameras, each with a range of frames individually, like cam 1 set start frame to render at f 550 and end at 2500 and next camera does frame 2500 to 5000 etc, and then set the thing to start rendering and it does each camera render as seperate avi files
........and saves all the avi files nicely!

that's what i want.... give it to me.



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Also, check this

Also, check this out:


 he has great tutorial videos on how to use this script, including one on different camera shots and timings. 

Video post is pretty clunky as a pass manager. I've used batch render for many things but I am moving completely to LPM. Even though Lukashi is only suggesting a donation at this point, I think his work is very much in the same league has some of the more spendy plugins for Max. It is extremely generous of him to share his work like this. 

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Yep, the batch render tool

Yep, the batch render tool is what want to use.

Though here is a nifty trick for still shots from different positions round a scene using the standard render rollout and which allows you to leave your desk;

Let's say you want 5 different views.

Set up 5 seperate target cameras, as per usual, composing the views as you want.

Then create a 6th target camera.

We're going to render only from this 6th camera.

At frame 1f align both target and camera 6 to those of camera 1 - (match the lens if need be too).

So now camera 6 has exactly the same view as camera 1 at frame 1.

Turn on animation and move to frame 2f.

With animate on, align camera 6 and it's target to camera 2 and target. Matching the camera view.

Animate still on, move to frame 3f, repeat the align this time with camera 3.

Repeat this process with all 5 camera views, animate ON throughout.

You now have a camera that jumps to each view required at each coresponding frame.

This way you can use the standard render dialogue rollout to render muliple camera views from one camera across 6 frames with the frame number coresponding to the camera view.

Note - since the animation of the camera jumps across a space of one frame the animation curve shouldn't be an issue. If however you space the frames out - eg. 0, 10, 20, 30, the camera will most likely move rather then jump between frames, to counter this change it and it's target keys to step. They will then hold position between keys and then jump.

(Hmm, this sounds handy, but a bit long winded, maybe a scripted tool that automates the above might be worthwhile....)

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Sounds just like the batch

Sounds just like the batch render tool in 3ds Max. You can find it under Rendering / Batch Render.

Hope that helps,

Christopher Grant
Admin, ScriptSpot.com

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oh, i suppose i can do it

oh, i suppose i can do it using the video post. I am still new to video post, as I have always used the render panel.

hmmmmmm,,, now how do I set up many cameras to render and not have to be at the workstation? I want to press one button and let the thing work overnight or even several days and have lots of renders done for me, when i get back,,,,,, not just one rendered camera.

3d studio max...... what can I say... thank goodness for 3d max. sick of maya

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