Layered Windows

14 votes

This gives you control over the opacity of your program windows under
Windows 2000. A value of 0 is transparent, 255 is opaque, allowing you
to create translucent windows for your scripts. Thanks to Masayuki Sato
for the info.


20 votes

The MorpherCtrl extension provides complete access to the weighted
morpher modifier in MAX R3.0 – without this extension the access
provided is very limited. Using MorpherCtrl, you can assign and delete
new channels, set their weights and individual options, update and
refresh the system – basically drive any aspect of the UI or internals.

Extend XREFScene

20 votes

This little extension will expose the two functions "GetXRefFileName
index" and "SetXRefFileName index name". The bug which this allows us
to overcome is as follows...
When you load two XRefScenes which are the same file, the command
"XRefs.GetXRefFile i" will only ever return the first one. This is
because the names are somehow used as an ID.


21 votes

SuperUtility implements Function Publishing
to provide access to MAXscript. It also has a TrackViewNode that will
load/save the paramblock the utility uses which is viewable in the

Drag and Drop

19 votes

Implementation of new Drag and Drop features for 3ds max R4.x. Included
are DropClipFormat and handlers for both the command panel and
Written by Michaelson Britt, compiled for 3ds max 4.x by Conny Klasson


14 votes

Contains a collection of new functions for use in MaxScript, including
ApplyVertexColors, ElementFromFace, GetClosestVertex,
GetSpaceWarpForce, GetUNCPath and IsParticleSystem

Avguard MAXScript Extension Package

18 votes

The legendary Avguard extensions have been improved even more, adding
dozens of incredibly useful methods/globals for the maxscript
See included text file for complete change notes…

Mouse Track

16 votes

Tracks mouse over a mesh; returns the surface intersection normal ray
and the face number under the mouse cursor. Sample usage script
included. Originally supplied as a "bonus plugin" in r2.5. Recompiled
r3.0 version included. Very powerful!


29 votes

Here is a script extension to handle editable-patches with
maxscript : CryoPatch v1.1.0 It allows you to create and edit
any sub-object of a patch : vertices, vectors, mappings,
smoothings, and so on.


20 votes

Here's MAXScript extension to use with Immersion Microscribe.
It adds some MAXScript functions that reads Scribe data
directly into MAX. No DLL's required. Test Interface script

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