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Augmented Reality Plugin for Google SketchUp

99 votes

With the Augmented Reality Plugin from AR-media™, Google™ SketchUp™ users are allowed to visualize their 3D models using Augmented Reality directly in the real physical space which sorrounds them. In a very precise sense, through AR-media™ Plugin, SketchUp™ 3D models can be visualized out of the digital workspace directly on users' desktop, by connecting a simple webcam and by printing a suitable code. The AR-media™ Plugin provides users with an advanced visualization functionality which serves two main purposes:

- Study and analyze scaled virtual prototypes in real environments

IRender nXt and nXtRender

91 votes

IRendernXt is a the fully integrated plug-on for SketchUp rendering solution for SketchUp.

nXtRender is the low cost, easy to use version with fewer features.

In addition to a high quality, professional, rendering engine - AccuRender - IRender has wizard to create lights, create mirrors, create plants and create materials all of which are then stored directly in your SketchUp model.

Visit our image gallery to see what users are creating with SketchUp.

NprTools - Non-Photorealistic Tools for SketchUp

64 votes

NprTools - the new plugin for SketchUp to create Soft Shadows and other Non-photorealistic effects for SketchUp has been released by Render Plus.



Take a look at: NprTools


61 votes



This SketchUp plugin is a WebDialog for moving and copying Groups/Instances. You can enter a move distance in any valid SketchUp units. Use the mouse to click on the arrows to move the object in any of the 10 pre-set directions.

V-Ray for SketchUp

60 votes

ASGVIS has released V-Ray for Sketch-Up. This release brings users various performance enhancements, an out of the box rendering solution, and many great V-Ray features to Sketch-Up. V-Ray is a rendering plug-in that enables Sketch-Up users to take advantage of the power and speed of the Chaos Group's V-Ray rendering solution.

CADspan 3D printing plugin for Google SketchUp

56 votes

The CADspan Plugin for Google SketchUp allows generation of solid, 3D printable STL files directly from a Google SketchUp model.

The plugin provides several tools to ease the process of preparing a model for 3D printing:

-Resurfacer: Shrinkwrap a model into one continuous, solid mesh

-3D Print Visualization Style: A visual style that highlights problem areas in a model

-Layerize tool: Easily move all geometry within components and groups to a layer

-Smooth/Unsmooth: Toggle smoothing on a model's rounded geometry

-Free Version for personal use and small applications

RpTreeMaker - free add-on for SketchUp

53 votes


RpTreeMaker is a free add-on for
Google SketchUp
to create custom Tree Components.

SpaceDesign Free - Attributes and Reports

53 votes

is a new, free for Sketchup to define attributes and create reports



47 votes

RPS 3D PDF makes it easy to create interactive 3D PDF documents which your clients can view in Adobe Reader.

You can combine background images and text with the SketchUp model to make a powerful presentation with a minimum of work, and without the need to purchase Adobe Acrobat.



3D Rad Exporter - Interactive architectural walkthroughs and games with SketchUp

45 votes

3D Rad Exporter is a free plug-in for SketchUp allowing you to easily export 3d models to ready-to-use 3D Rad objects.

This means you can now create stand-alone interactive visualizations, 3d games and simulations from your own SkecthUp 3d models or any model from the 3D Warehouse.

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