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List of changes

I'll fill this out in the coming days as the update goes live

- Embedded Media Field for adding links to video tutorials / examples. There are many instances where showing usage via a youtube clip would really help out. There is now a field when submitting scripts, plugins & tutorials that lets you paste in the link to a video (any type) and it'll create a player window for that video.

10 year anniversary coming up and some changes too...

10 years. Wow. The ScriptSpot 10 year anniversary will be coming up in May 2010. More news to follow.

Lego Rendering

I was feeling like "Lego" this morning, so I grabbed this model from the 3d warehouse:

Lego Star Wars Snow-Speeder

Video Tutorials for SketchUp and IRender nXt

We have created some Video Tutorials to help you get started with IRender nXt - the integrated Photorealistic renderer for SketchUp.

nXtRender - new, low-cost renderer for SketchUp

nXtRender is a new rendering application for Google
SketchUp from Render Plus Systems. nXtRender uses the new AccuRender
nXt rendering engine and integrates it seamlessly into SketchUp making
it one of the easiest ways to create photorealistic images. nXtRender
uses ray-trace rendering techniques, reflections, transparency,
highlights, shadows and lighting effects to produce realistic

NprTools - Non-Photorealistic Tools for SketchUp is released

NprTools is a new plugin foir SketchUp to create Photorealistic effects - such as Soft or Sketchy Shadows.



Take a look: NprTools


Just a reminder to check my blog for my most recent work.

Ruby Newbie

Hello everyone,

I am brand new to Ruby Scripting in SketchUp and Ruby scripting in general, but I managed to throw together a script after an hour or so of searching through the mysterious Sketchup Ruby Scripting API documentation. Anyways, all the things I really want the API to do don't seem to be possible.

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