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Place IES Lights

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Render Tip - Balancing Interior and Exterior Lighting in SketchUp

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How do I balance interior and exterior lighting?

Balancing interior and exterior lighting in SketchUp is a challenge many 3D designers face. The question of how to do it recently popped up in our IRender nXt forum so we decided to cover it here.

Simple Exterior Rendering with

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First Rendering - Exterior Scene

3D Warehouse model you could use for the first rendering

HDRi Skies

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HDRi Sky Rendering2.jpg

Exterior Scene with HDRi Sky


HDRi Skies and backgrounds provide a full, 360 degree, image used for the visual background, as well as lighting and reflections. See: HDRi Skies

Sketchy Shadows Tutorial

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Sketchy Shadows Tutorial - How to create Sketchy Shadows with SketchUp and NprTools.

Use images and textures for faster rendering

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Basic Editing Features in RpTools

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The basic functions of RpTools make it easy to perform edits on components, or any set of selected items, using Wizards to enter precise dimensions and Arrow Icons to specify the direction or orientation o fthe edit.


Move Wizard for RpTools .

The Move Wizard is useful for more exact positioning.

In this example, we want to move an component exactly 3' along the red axis.

Exporting Masks from SketchUp Models for Use in Photoshop

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Lewis Wadsworth explains in simple terms what masks are. So, now that you've got your head around what masking is, as far as a digital image is concerned, you are probably wondering what this has to do with SketchUp. Read Lewis's latest tutorial and find out more!

New video tutorial of NPR Tools

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Rendering Tip - Use self glow for backlit objects

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(Self glow applied to television screen)

Self Glow illuminates a surface as if it had light shining on it, without actually making it a light.

* Balance illumination in scene without adding additional lights.
* More realistic signs, monitors and projection devices.
* Faster rendering times.

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