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The problem with running sneakers are its life

The challenge with running sneakers are its life,asics nz because shoes that are not flexible enough don't last caused by poor flexibility rendering it all "brittle" and vulnerable to wear and tear. This feature means your footwear will perform longer with out it fail within a good run. Also giving good flexibility around the foot means better injury lowering of the wearer and concentration in just a run since the runner doesn't will need to pay attention to constantly adjusting their foot around the shoes while running.

replace menu bar hover pages

It would be great if we could replace the hovering method on the menu bar. It doesn't work to have the different sub pages be displayed when hovering over 3ds Max or sketch up. It doesn't work because I'm navigating around on this site a lot with my tablet and or cellphone trying to keep up to date on posts and community information. I can not get to those sub pages unless I login and go through search engine results which turn up the sub page I'm trying to get to. Hope this makes sense thanks.


In the My Content area for scripts, how about showing the version? That way people can see right away if they need to download the latest version.



how to remove/delete comment by myself ?

I mean ... when I was wrong to post the comments in scriptspot. I just found the "edit" and "reply" menu.

Script's url on the script's page


I could not find the link to the script's page while I'm actually on that page and I thought if it would be correct to have the caption of the script (and the forum page) be the link to that page? Currently it is not possible to copy the address of the script's page (and the forum's page as well) except from the address line of the browser, but this line could be littered by the comment's address and other php thingies.

Thank you,

number of downloads

I don't know if it's a lot to implement but it would be nice to see how many times a script has been downloaded (when hosted here, of course).
The number of reads doesn't mean much...

I can not run this script when is a button

hi every one i hope we can solve this problem

im new here and im learning scripting sorry if it is easy to solve:S
i wrote this scriptto mirror morph targets and it works, but when i select the code and drag to the maintoolbar like a button it wont work anymore.
this is the code:

a=snapshot ObjectOriginal
addmodifier a M
WM3_MC_BuildFromNode M 1 ObjectDeformed
addmodifier a (mirror())
b=snapshot ObjectDeformed
addmodifier b Def

RSS updates


It would be great if only the RSS feed gets updated when a new script is posted. Some scripts get RSS'ed a lot because someone posted a comment or I think even the script got 1 extra point... and nothing changed really. Is it possible or desireable?


Highlight coded text

Highlight coded text (if possible) will be good feature, or if it not so easy to be added, maybe return to the old style, where the number of lines was limited, because now if the code snippets is too large then the horizontal scroll bar goes out of the page height and need to scroll the html page down, move the the horizontal scroll bar and back scroll the page to the top and search the line what you readed... Briefly, there is an example large snippet just to illustrate the browsing and reading complication:

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