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The problem with running sneakers are its life

The challenge with running sneakers are its life,asics nz because shoes that are not flexible enough don't last caused by poor flexibility rendering it all "brittle" and vulnerable to wear and tear. This feature means your footwear will perform longer with out it fail within a good run. Also giving good flexibility around the foot means better injury lowering of the wearer and concentration in just a run since the runner doesn't will need to pay attention to constantly adjusting their foot around the shoes while running.

.skp files


I would like the ability to attach a SketchUp model (.skp) to a blog post. Is that possible?

.swf attachments


Is made a script tutorial using Flash (.swf extension), is there any way you could allow attachments of this file type?



4K resolution fix for max 2016

Is there any script or plugin which fixes a notorious 4k resolution display problem with 3ds max 2016?

any idea? a normal tricks creating manifest and trouble shooting is not 100% accurate. Max 2016 behaves like nobody in autodesk team ever thought about upcoming 4K monitors during development of 2016.

Adobe Flash player of embed videos on scripspot


I think it's time to remove Adobe Flash player from embed videos on scriptspot. Please change player to HTML5, because almost all browsers stop supporting Adobe Flash.

Thank you!

copy/paste code while keeping the format


When I paste my maxscript code on the forum, the spaces (TABs) are lost.
I don't know if it exist now a way to avoid this ?

It is also possible that i didn't find the feature :-)

Dead Links

TimeTagger - is a dead link, no script download or homepage.

SoundMixer - homepage is not relevent




There are no more favorites? I can see  my favorites in My Account, but I don't know how to add or edit my favorites list...


Feature request: Script Requests Section

A section on the site that will allow users to request script would be handy.


Forum organization

I think the forum could be organized in a way that is more consistent with the rest of the site.

Right now you have sections named 'General Scripting" and "Off Topic".

It would be better to have sections named "3ds max" and SketchUp" and have the "forums" links go to an overview of these sections, instead of to a single forum.

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