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locking actual physical camera settings

Hi everyone! This is first post, sorry if i sound too much like a newb.:)

I was just wondering if there is a script that makes the VrayPhysicalCamera behave like an actual physical camera, warts and all? im studying photography at the moment, and what i mean is real cameras have discrete (albeit customizable) f-stops, shutterspeeds and iso's..

so what im saying is, i think if the rollout settings on the vrayphysicalcam can somehow be locked (if you want to) to go from, say, f/1.4 -> 2.0 -> 2.8 and shutterspeeds at 1/8 -> 1/15 -> 1/30 sec., etc.

Voting system for script features


I usually have the situation where I don't sure about the features suggested by the community members, so I think, some sort of voting system for the script features would be very usefull. This may be implemented in the forum topics, or in the script page. The latter would be more convenient.

site update comments

I do like the new look for the most part but the navigation just isn't the same.  Also why is the SEARCH box so big??

I have a hard time finding scripts and even looking for new scripts.  There is the option for latest scripts but it's random.  Some are from 2007 & 2006 on the same page.  Shouldn't it be like 2007 then 2006 and so forth?



There are no more favorites? I can see  my favorites in My Account, but I don't know how to add or edit my favorites list...


New site


Thumbnails for scripts?

Would be nice to have small thumbnail images alongside with the title and short description of each script.

missing extensions/functions

Thanks for keeping this place going. 

I'm desperately looking for the following: Requires: Avguard_Extensions, BFDToolsCore , jbFunctions 

 If I find them do I simply copy them into the "stdplugs" directory?

I want to bake some simulated cloth into a vertex animated state. 


Feature request: Script Requests Section

A section on the site that will allow users to request script would be handy.


RSS updates


It would be great if only the RSS feed gets updated when a new script is posted. Some scripts get RSS'ed a lot because someone posted a comment or I think even the script got 1 extra point... and nothing changed really. Is it possible or desireable?


number of downloads

I don't know if it's a lot to implement but it would be nice to see how many times a script has been downloaded (when hosted here, of course).
The number of reads doesn't mean much...