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edges into tubes

I make a box. How do I turn the wireframe/edges into tubes. That is to say give the wireframe dimension. Like a shell modifier for edges.


How to save color image in PNG format ???

Good day

I would like to receive a reduced copy of the image.
The initial image has a color palette (RGB Color, 8 bit)

CarBitMap = openBitMap "D:\\Eyebrow.png"
proxyBitMap = bitmap (CarBitMap.width/10) (CarBitMap.height/10)\ filename:"D:\\Eyebrow_P.png" palette:256
save proxyBitMap

Why does the saved image have a palette Grayscale ???

how to scale a separate face for EditablePoly ???

good day.

Try to scale a separate face for EditablePoly
I try like this....

p = convertToPoly(Plane())
polyop.setFaceSelection p #{1}
scale $.selectedFaces [2,2,2]

returns - undefined


About BitmapLayerManager trying to get the value of the number of layers in the PSD file.

Good day.

I am trying to get the value of the number of layers in the PSD file.
The file is attached.
If you look at this file in Photoshop, the number of layers is 4.
But the script

testmap = "D:\\FPSD.psd"
BitmapLayerManager.getLayerCount testmap

returns 0.

Am I doing something wrong?

In work I use 3ds Max 2015 and Photoshop CC 19.1.5

biped action library

3dmax animation management system, support biped system animation fast storage read! Provide convenience for the majority of animators and accelerate the efficiency of animation production.

Select Camera and Target at the same time

Hi there,
let say i am using vray camera and it is already selected, how can i + select the target also so i can move them up or forward while i am viewing from camera.

Normally i hit (P) and select the camera (Ctrl) select target and then hit (C) to get back to the camera view to move to accordingly to what i am seeing.

have been searching for along time, all i found is how to select Camera (OR) select target.
Thanks in advance

To build a light source with the same angle of view (Hotspot) as the camera FOV

Good day!

Let's say that the scene has a camera - $Camera001 and a light source like Standard Target Spot - $Spot001.Light shape type - rectangle. $Spot001.aspect = renderWidth/renderHeight ($Camera001 aspect) How to calculate the parameter $Spot001.hotspot so that the angle of the cone of light is equal to the angle of the cone of the camera. Copy parameter $Camera001.curFOV, or even changing its type $Camera001.fovType does not give the desired result...???

Replace selected maps


I`m quite new to scripting and a bit stuck. Could you guys help me out?
I`m trying to add a ColorCorrect map to all selected Bitmaptextures.

At the moment the script does add in the ColorCorrect map, but it creates also an instanced version of the ColorCorrect, which i don`t need or want :).

	local SelView = sme.GetView sme.ActiveView	
	local SelNode = SelView.getSelectedNodes()	
	for sn in SelNode do
			Temp =	sn.reference
			AssignNewName Temp
			CC = ColorCorrection() 
			CC.map = Bitmaptexture()
			CC.map.filename = Temp.filename

how to build Editable_Poly plan 2000x 2000 face?

Good day

Want to build Editable_Poly plan 2000x 2000 face?
The application hangs. Who can tell what is the reason?

p = plane name: "EP_plane" length:1.0 width:1.0 pos:[0,0,0] lengthsegs:1 widthsegs:1 isSelected:on
convertTo p Editable_Poly
for i=1 to 2000 do
maxOps.cloneNodes $ cloneType:#copy newNodes:&nnl offset:[i,0,0]
max select invert
AttArray = selection as array
max select invert
for i=1 to AttArray.count do
$.EditablePoly.attach AttArray[i] $
free AttArray
max modify mode

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