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Check Total Lengths SplineShape

74 votes

This simple and funny script, you can measure the total length, check the number of segments and the Knot of SplineShape. Very useful :)


2D Tree/People Object

16 votes

Creates planar faces to be used as opacity mapped trees or people. You can get a sample and some maps in VIZ 3 Sample Scripts.

3D Mesh and Poly Generator

16 votes

Standard file input - shape & mesh creation

AirFoil Object

7 votes

Creates a Rigwave object with an airfoil section.

Asteroid Organizer

8 votes

Automated way to add and edit Asteroid geometry.

Bake Objects

5 votes

Allows baking of keys on transform tracks for selected objects.

Balls Maker

16 votes

Makes a Volleyball - Soccerball - Golfball - Basketball or Baseball

BasketBall Maker

12 votes

"Make A BasketBall Script
Click to view basketball example image"

BEND RIG 3 / 3.5

11 votes

BillBoard Generator

16 votes
A simple script that facilitates the creation of vertical planes for use with trees/people images billboards.
  1. Select a diffuse map (tree/person image)
  2. Select a matching Alpha map of the same map. or press the lock icon if you use a TGA/TIFF image with an embedded Alpha channel.
  3. You may resize the plane to a desired height or width (great for specific people heights).
  4. Press the Generate! button.
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