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Editable Poly to ADD Edit Poly (vertex transformer)

8 votes

(vertex) to ADD as Modifier (vertex position) for clone Object


6 votes

A small function script that automates the process of connecting a four way spline control for use in facial animation to four morph shapes placed in any order on a morph modifier and named appropriately. It takes five parameters - four morph shapes and the name of the control handle.


24 votes

Morphix reorders the vertices of one model to match the vertex order of another model. This obviously only works for models which share the exact same number of vertices, edges and faces. Also, the topology of both objects have to be the same.

Automized EyeBlinks

9 votes

A really fast method of creating keyframes for Eyeblinks.
Choose from 2 methods:
1. User defined eyeblinks (animate Eyeblinks in real time)
2. Automized Eyeblink patterns (with customizable randomness) over any time range.

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